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Robert Boyce said “Knowledge is power. Knowledge shared is power multiplied”.

At PIPCHASERS, we take this kind of thinking seriously as we can very much testify to the fact that knowledge is power and power in turn brings wealth (money).

In our trading career, we have gotten to meet so many people that have lost lots of money in this field, whether as traders themselves or as investors with some traders. Some are in unimaginable debts due to their loses while some others have been completely destroyed. The reason for this is not far-fetched!!! They lack knowledge of the market!!!

Trading the Financial Markets

Trading the financial markets seems very simple with potential for very high profits and very little barrier to entry. So, everyone just puts money in and starts trading. Some trade stocks, some trade options while some trade crypto or forex. Though most do not start on a winning note, a few are lucky to start this field winning a few trades.

Those who do not start on a winning note are lured to re-invest more funds as they are confident that they can make a fortune in the market. Honestly, who doesn’t want to be rich!! so the market keeps tricking them into losing more and more and more funds till they have exhausted all possible funds and end in debts.

For those who start on a winning note, they get so confident in their trading that they take unimaginable risks and end up losing all they’ve won. They were just lucky. Luck can win you a trade or 2 but can never make you a consistent trader. When they lose, they remember how easy it was for them to make money in the markets and they thus follow the path earlier discussed for those who started losing right from the get-go.

The question for you is, why are these people losing? The answer is simple…They were GAMBLING. They failed to seek knowledge or if they did, they didn’t learn right. Just like trading, no one becomes a doctor or lawyer or scientist overnight. You have to go through proper and standardized trainings. You have to seek knowledge. This is the only way to be an independent and consistent trader. Ask yourself these questions!

  • How many times have you blown your account?

  • How much did you lose each time?

  • What is the total amount lost so far?

  • Have you been consistently profitable for up to 3 months?

  • How many hours do you spend watching your trades?

  • Would you rather lose more money or invest that in knowledge that could make you several thousands of $$$$?

BB king said “the beautiful thing about learning is that no one can take it away from you

Now it's your decision, you can choose which way you want to go. To be consistently profitable and independent with so much comfort or to keep losing. The call is yours.

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