Both our Online Private Forex Trading Courses & group courses at PIPCHASERS will provide you with all that is needed to analyze, and execute successful trades. We will teach you how to analyze the charts as the professionals do it. Our Educational Forex Courses Online include different techniques taken from GANN Theories, WOLFE Waves, Harmonics, and Classical Analysis. This will convert you to becoming a completely independent, and professional trader. It is a unique and complete course like no other available to you in the market. We have specialized our teaching method to accommodate both beginners and experienced traders. Whether it’s your desire to become an independent Forex trader, or if you’re looking to join the mainstream industry, we here at PIPCHASERS can take you there.

Online (Live Webinars)

The most popular method - Using live webinars, our Online Advanced Forex Trading Course Webinar can be accessed from your home, common office, and any other location. This enables you to learn at your own pace around your current commitments.

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6MA Program

 a well-structured course designed to make you a professional trader

We offer training course that are geared towards both beginner traders and those traders that are experienced and trading regularly. Although we specialise in forex trading, our techniques that we teach in our Forex Trading Learning Classes Online have been successfully used within all markets including indices, commodities and crypto currencies. All our courses offer 6 months of support via our telegram channel, and our invite only members forum.


An intense "one to one" private classes using live webinars with a member of our team.


We will provide you with all that you need to independently execute trades in your journey to success.


Group classes structured to meet student needs via live webinars by a member off our team.  


One of the most important tools to trading is using the correct money management. With most brokers overing leverage, offering great opportunity, it is the main reason for inexperienced traders losing money. We will teach you how to manage this correctly. 


A specifically customized courses, that focus on specialized areas of your choice with one of our members


When entering trades, drawdown is often a common occurrence. Understanding and developing patience to allow your trades to reach their potential is something we understand, we will help you gain a mindset to remain calm during your trade setups. 


You will learn techniques and analysis within our Forex Trading Strategy Course Online that allow you to formulate a strategy suited to your trading style and lifestyle requirements. 


We are technical analysts, however, we closely watch the markets for core fundamentals to aid in our trading analysis. Identifying key developments and areas to support trading opportunities. We believe this is vital to successful trading.

We offer courses for individuals and groups to facilitate understanding, to ensure satisfaction and privacy

private courses

You have the right to join our individual Technical Analysis Trading Training Course .. which will be of high privacy and a great positive impact where the student gets the full time to be explained to them and full freedom to ask questions.
We guarantee the student in this type of courses to understand the smallest possible details with complete satisfaction a
nd full ability to self-reliance after finishing the course .

group courses

In the group courses, you will be with a group of members and this raises the spirit of competition among the members of the course and provides a great potential to benefit from the experiences of the members through discussions and questions 

We also ensure that students in this course complete understanding and full ability to self-reliance after finishing the course.

What's Included?


A specially designed forum for our Students only. Here you will receive our personal views on the markets, including analysis and trade ideas, videos on trade setups and answers to questions you may have. This is all to prepare you for your next trade alongside us at Pro-Trading Academy.


We are aware that at times we can become busy, so we have created a Pro-Trading Academy Student telegram group, only for our students. This will allow you to follow any new analysis, charts, and answer to questions you may have whilst on the go. It will also mean that when you are always connected with us, never missing opportunities, whilst gaining vital knowledge on the move. We are here to support your goals to success.


We will hold live Webinars for all our students, breaking down and analysing multiple pairs, whilst answering any questions you may have. These webinars will be designed to discuss any further questions you may have, whilst helping you further understand the techniques you have acquired during your time with us.

We appreciate not everyone may be able to attend our live webinars due to the different time zones, therefore all webinars are then uploaded to the Members Zone and available at a time more convenient for you.

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