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Technical analysis is vital in becoming a successful trader. It ensures that you can analyse the market properly and puts you a step ahead thus allowing you get the best opportunities in the market, precise entries and timing, adequate knowledge of when to get in and/or out of a trade and exactly where to place your SL and target. This course will provide you with sufficient technical analytical skills, through a powerful combination of different techniques, that allows you trade with high accuracy.

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Familiarise yourself with advanced strategies and trading tools. Take your trading to the next level.



Fundamentals are critical in trading, do make big impacts on the market and cause huge movements within a short period. We know when and how these fundamentals affect the market and will teach you how to read them and how to use this to your advantage in your trading.



Are you suffering from being inconsistent with profits? Do you face difficulties to keep your account safe and profitable? In this training, we will teach you how to mitigate these challenges and show you how to improve your risk to reward ratio. Furthermore, we will explain strategies and plans to keep you on the winning side always, with live examples of our personal accounts.


Trading Psychology

Trading goes beyond just the technical skills. In fact, you could be good with your technical skills and still be struggling to make money in the market. This is because some traders have bad trading mindset and psychology. Some may trade in such ways that they have big drops/losses from time to time that ruins their good performance. This is where psychology comes in. Psychology forms about 80% of trading and a right psychology is necessary to grow.
On completion of this course, you will be able to trade without attaching emotions, stress-free trading, avoid mistakes and ultimately trade like a professional.


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